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Calm in a Crisis.

Thoughts on the Unexpected

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Interview at Adventures in YA Publishing

More discussion on Romancing the Dark in the City of Light at the fab blog Adventures in YA Publishing.


Dark Stories and the Things That Are Hard to Talk About

I'm guest-posting at Through the Tollbooth about my own run-in with suicidality as a teen, and why I wrote Romancing the Dark in the City of Light.


BLOG TOUR for Romancing the Dark in the City of Light!


Patricia and Anasheh at The Fantastic Flying Book Club arranged the Blog Tour for #RTDITCOL. It started September 30 and is in full swing! Here are the links:


SEPT. 30

OCT. 1
Story Diary - Let's Talk About Suicide
Beatrice Learns To Read - Review + Favorite Quotes
Chapter by Chapter - Official Book Playlist
OCT. 2
the bookdragon - Promotional Post
OCT. 3
Teen Readers' Diary - Interview
Cosying Up With Books - Promotional Post
OCT. 4
Ink of Blood - Review + Dream Cast
Novel Ink - Review
OCT. 5
A Dream Within A Dream - Favorite Paris Places to Hang Out
Her Book Thoughts! - Promotional Post
Library of a Book Witch - Review + Playlist
The Cover Contessa - Promotional Post
OCT. 6
One Night Book Stand - Review + Dream Cast + Favorite Quotes
Readers in Wonderland - Review + Favorite Quotes
Book Sp(l)ot Reviews - Review + Playlist
The Cursed Empire - Review + Playlist
Curling Up With A Good Book - Promotional Post






It's National Suicide Prevention Week

September 7-14th is National Suicide Prevention Week. Romancing the Dark in the City of Light is about suicide. I'm discussing it over at the Fall Fifteeners.


The Mystery of Creativity

I'm talking about writing, procrastination and the mystery of creativity over at the Fall Fifteeners: