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WRITERS: How to Stop Procrastinating

Are you staring for hours at a blank screen? Thinking about cleaning bathroom grout with a toothbrush, rather than write? Here's an experimental, learn-how-to video I made at Lumen5 based on a post I did at Cultured Vultures last year. 


I'm Interviewed : )

Children and Young Adult Librarian and Writer, Melissa Buron, has a great blog and newspaper column about books and the people who write them. She interviewed me about ReaderkidZ, where I work with four other authors to bring teachers, librarians and paretns recommendations for great kidlit. She asked me what my favorite thing about working on the blog is:

"I love working with my co-bloggers. I get to read more delightful children’s literature than I might otherwise be doing, since my own kids can mostly drive, and/or drink. I’m introduced to outstanding authors and illustrators and can ask them personal questions. I edit the “Librarian’s Corner” and get to see dedicated children’s librarians in action."