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Calm in a Crisis.

Thoughts on the Unexpected

in Writing & Beyond


Interview at GROG

My old friend Chris Mihaly interviews me at the writer's blog GROG, about Romancing the Dark in the City of Light, mental health issues, school visits and more! 


Guest Post at YA Indulgences: On Alcohol, Depression & Suicide

Amber at YA Indulgences kindly invited me to pen a guest post on my beloved mental health topics!


Guest Post at The Pirate Tree

The Pirate Tree is dedicated to social justice in children's literature. I am honored to have a post up with them discussing #RTDITCOL and the subjects of suicide, depression, and alcoholism. 


Guest post at Jen Kam's WRITE NOW

Make SETTING reveal character, and add shape, energy and tension to your story! Plus a giveaway of #RTDITCOL. 


Guest post at "Dear Teen Me"

I love this site, Dear Teen Me, and am proud to have the letter I wrote my fifteen-year-old-self posted there. I had to tell young me that I have some good news, and some bad news.

From my high school yearbook senior page.