Stories are how we make sense of just about everything.

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Fan of the unexpected, respecter of the unexplainable, optimist.

Short version:

Ann Jacobus writes children’s and YA fiction, teaches writing, and volunteers on a suicide crisis line. She’s published short fiction, essays and poetry in anthologies, journals, and magazines, and is the author of YA thriller Romancing the Dark in the City of Light. San Francisco is home to her and her family.


A.K. JACOBUS, author of fiction for younger readers, has contacts at the FBI, ASPCA, and NASA, and listens when dogs talk. She scared her younger siblings with tales of the Bloody Hand and worse; was a tetherball, kick ball, trampoline, monkey bar and water-skiing whiz; and never met a vegetable she didn't like.  She also never met a liver she could stomach.


 L o n g e r  version: 

I was born in West Texas. A good chunk of my childhood was spent in Arkansas. I loved theater and danced and sang in the chorus of community musicals even though I can't sing.

This photo was taken before a ballet recital in Little Rock when I was eleven.
Which way to the Acropolis?








I've lived all over the US, in New Mexico, Arizona, New Hampshire, New York, Florida and California. In Europe and the Middle East, including Paris, France; Prague, CZ; and the Island Kingdom of Bahrain.

You could say all over the map.

Author Sarah Sullivan has a theory that many children's writers moved around a lot as kids.


This photo was taken at VCFA when it was -15 F.

I earned an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College of Fine Arts, and a BA from Dartmouth College.   



Some past jobs held:

(Paid)  babysitter, dishwasher, food server, aupair, lunch cook, caterer assistant, retail clothing sales, production assistant, advertising junior account executive 

(Unpaid) chorus girl, suicide crisis line volunteer, Sunday school teacher, orphanage and elderly home volunteer, President of the American Women's Association of the Island Kingdom of Bahrain 

My husband and I are the parents of four young adults and small-but-super dog, Louie II.



At one of my favorite cemeteries, Père Lachaise in Paris.

You've read down this far. Here's some bio nitty-gritty.

Fiction writers are charged with making up stuff that reveals truth. Ideally, we dig deep into our stories and sometimes explore subjects, secrets even, that are hard to talk about.

As a teen, I suffered from depression off and on for many years. I also went through a period of suicidality, the term for feeling suicidal. 

Ever since, this difficult subject has pulled me, despite its stigma. It's why I’m a volunteer counselor on a suicide crisis line.  

Suicide is preventable, but only if we talk about it. So that’s why I’m talking about it

I’m also interested in just plain old, everyday death--maybe as a result of all this. How, regardless of its inevitability and omnipresence, we fear it so much. How denying it and pushing it away can rob our lives of meaning. Or conversely, how embracing our mortality can enrich, deepen, and make our time on Earth more joyful and significant.

It’s a paradox.

I like them, too.

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